Rachel Donohue

Your Excuses Debunked

Rachel Donohue
Your Excuses Debunked

Healthy New Year Goals never reached? Who cares. Let's make believe tomorrow is New Years. It's never too late to start changing your mindset for a healthy balance lifestyle. For all my babes, clients, friends, here is all your common excuses & I am going F#*K'in debunk them! PS: I am no angel, some of these personal excuses I use too.


Example 1. " I AM in my 30's, and I am still single. I need to make dating my priority".

Who cares how old you are or where you are in life. Yes I know, dating and finding someone to share life with is important. However a man or women wants someone who is taking care of themselves. Make the date plans an hour later, show up to that date glowing from your workout.  The facts; Dr. Robert R. Provine, a neuroscientist, identified non-fitness related traits associated with attractiveness, like healthy teeth, smooth skin, good hair, upright posture, and even confidence stand in the same category as someone who exercises.

Example 2. " I am tired"

You aren't going to always have lots of energy at the gym, but hey you showed up. Change your sleep habits not your workout habits.

Example 3. " I can't afford to eat healthy"

Yes processed boxed items such as Mac & Cheese, Cereal, Candy, etc are 4 times cheaper than Vegetables, the calories aren't serving us the same nutritional value. We end up eating/ needing 3-4 times as much.  Confusing right? Check out this amazing nerdy 2 minute video that goes into the corruption of the food industry. https://nutritionfacts.org/video/eating-healthy-on-a-budget/  

Example 4. " Working out is too expensive"

Number 1 reason why I <3 social media craze! We have been given us power to share.  Fitness Gurus all around the world empower you- that you can do it too! Find free workouts on Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo. Type any key word workout such as " 15 minute abs" in youtube search and over 10000s of videos will come up.

Example 5. I don't have enough time

I understand the time management excuse with mothers and fathers with loads of responsibility. However for everyone else, the best rule of thumb, if you have a half hour to give to instagram creepin' then you have time to food shop, do a HIIT workout, or meal prep.  The Facts; A recent study by mobileinsurance.com has revealed that the average person spends 90 mins a day on their phone.


Example 6. " I am young, I have time. I'll turn to a healthier lifestyle in a few years"

The younger we are the easier our body retain muscle memory, meaning its easier to bounce into shape.  It takes time to find a balance between healthy eating, fitness, and just enjoying life! Start experimenting now what works for you. You don't have to give up champagne and live off kale.

Example 7. " I don't know how to cook healthy"

Experiment! Thanks again for the amazing help of google search you literally can find thousands of quick easy recipes. My favorite go to websites for recipes: " Oh she Glows,  http://ohsheglows.com  , Sprouted Kitchen http://www.sproutedkitchen.com and Clean Food Dirty Girl http://cleanfooddirtygirl.com . Personally I have such little time to learn well thought-out dishes but I am practicing! I take such happiness and excitement in finding a dish I like at a vegan healthy spot & then try to make it on my own.

Beyond all these excuses, know that there always will be another new excuse. Take comfort in knowing, we hold the greatest power to our own ambitions. Yes life gets crazy. You can only be the best version of yourself with self-care and changing your mindset.

xo Rachel

PS: Send me your excuses HAHA