Rachel Donohue

Healthy On-the-go Packaged Snacks

Rachel Donohue
Healthy On-the-go Packaged Snacks

Snacking;  Personally for me a snack is quite simple, an apple, avocado or a handful of nuts. However sometimes my taste buds are more adventurous or I want ease of access. If I am stuck with desk work, on the go traveling or on an airplane...I love my snacks. Especially snacks that are both boyfriend approved and awesome for sharing with everyone including little ones ;).  By choosing healthy snacks it prevents energy dips, adding on extra pounds and bloating.  

*Best rule of thumb for snacking - first pick small sized items that are portion control. Sometimes we have no self control.. come 2:00pm at work head deep into a pile of work and we often choose to eat our sorrows. Help yourself out by not buying the largest bag of chips. 

  •  Filling, Satisfying.. (my favorites)



  Why? Compare to other nuts : Lowest Calorie, High in fat, highest serving of potassium and vitamin A. Plus they are fun to eat.  Remember not all pistachio brands are built the same. Stay away from salted and roasted. It strips the nutrients. My favorite brand: International Organic Harvest, sold at Whole Foods.

Justin's Individual Almond Butter packages


Why? It fills me up, lots of nutrients, it’s not too sweet, and it is portioned controlled. All you need to do is go spoon deep with a jar of almond butter, and be horribly stuffed. You can get hazelnut and peanut butter flavors but I prefer almond butter it has more nutrients and is a less of an inflammatory compare to other nut choices. Also let’s be honest, Ladies it is “compact and small”, so for your small YSL clutch, it can fit. 


Nature Rancher, Fully cooked Bacon.


 What? Yes this veggie powered babe, eats pork ( 1x in a blue moon)... excellent for when you are just pmsing & craving meat. I love how its organic, replace your man's beef jerky addiction with these.  No GMOs. #PALEOparadise. And yes remember this is all fat, this isn’t a low fat snack. It is sold just like this, 1 slice limits you from going over board ;). 


 Skinny popcorn small bags


Why? I mean 100 per bag calories!?  No added sugars, naturally sweet. Gets my craving instantly. 

 Brad's Veggie Chips


 Why? Super tasty, not too salty, not too bland & most of all doesn’t easily become crumbs (like most kale chips). Love how they are flax seed based; screams fiber! My favorite is to dip them into a tuna salad. It’s a great portion size bag and resealable package, so you can store them. Hopefully ;)

Rhythm Superfoods Beet Chips


Honestly, Beet Chips- are an acquired taste. This small package is dried beets not fried. Provides a perfect amount of crisp, Crunch, and Airy goodness. They are gluten free, low calorie, and high in potassium.

  • Bursting of Flavor:

Roots Mango Sriracha Hummus paired with Vegetables


Love all Roots Hummus flavors. Personally Mango Sriracha is my favorite because it’s so exotic and bursting of different flavors. Even if you hate hummus give this one a try. Skip the crackers and Use your favorite raw vegetables to dip. 

  • Chocolate Craving  

Vita Organic Foods: Goji Minis


Why? Vegan and Organic. It’s an energy blast of the chocolate’s nutrients with a super food, Goji berries. Personally sometimes in the afternoon,  an hour before a workout, I need energy and am craving something. The worse is to workout on a full stomach! Sometimes I’ll drink a very small black cup of coffee and these little minis. I feel energized, woken up. I love the small size package! 

  •  Super Sweet

Banana Brittle


Love these. Personally, I hate the size of the bag. It is massive. These are high in sugar, 2-3 of these crackers will do the trick, trust me. They are so yummy and great for sharing, especially with little ones. Just imagine, brownie brittle but made out of bananas with a chocolate taste!  


Now remember babes, most of these are packaged snacks. Remember the healthiest snacks are so simple, if you are hungry and need something to hold you over, going for an apple or an avocado is a much better choice.  However I get it, for traveling and ease of access, pre packaged snacks are fun.  I’ll be sure to share anymore snacks I found along my journies. All snacks listed can be bought at Whole Foods.


What is your favorite snack? 


xo Rachel