Rachel Donohue

Vegan Breakfast Option

Rachel Donohue
Vegan Breakfast Option

Even though I am a "creature of habit babe", I am testing the waters with other morning options. As most of you might know already, for breakfast, I am hooked with my vegan protein smoothies.


I recommend this breakfast I am about to share with a small low calorie vegan protein shake or a fresh green juice.


BEST BREAD! EZEKIEL ! It's sprouted, organic, lean and no preservatives. Its found in most health food stores such as Whole Foods in the refrigerator Section. ask the grocery store where are their Gluten free breads kept.


Yes. Here it Is. The best cream cheese, alternative. You can use with fruit, olives, or like me-- on bread!


I love this granola. I am usually not granola girl; I am scared of the sugar and empty calories. However this one is packed with some of my favorite nuts including- pistachios.



The other products I used was an organic honey and blueberries (optional, try bananas or strawberries). For an added warm touch I baked my bread before adding all the wonder topping.

What is your favorite vegan breakfast?

xo Rachel