Rachel Donohue

Bikini Bod tips in Veranera swimwear

Rachel Donohue
Bikini Bod tips in Veranera swimwear

Ah, It is Spring Break time. The weather in New York hasn’t made its turn. So I find myself making quick weekend trips.

However how does oneself stay feeling sexy and fit while still enjoying their weekend fun in the sun with rosé, poolside snacks and traveling on the go? 

I recently went down to Miami beach for the weekend and thought of ULTIMATE BIKINI BOD tips:

1. Prepare! Pack all kinds of swimwear. Find a bikini company that has many options. Luckily I found Veranera Swimwear to flatter any mood I was feeling. After a flight, sometimes I am bloated and don’t always want to jump into a bikini. Veranera offers high waisted, one pieces, cheeky, etc.  Personally,  I purchased a cute cheeky bikini with a unique bandeau style top. As well as a glamorous skimpy handmade sequin stylish bikini. The last thing you want is to be stuck with one bikini for the whole weekend! Pack more than you need!  Here is the bikini I am sporting ;) Brand name, ONDADEMAR, click link to shop it.

2. Pack healthy light snacks for the flight. Non salted Nuts, Carrots, peanut butter, etc. Flight food is filled with sodium.
3.  Book a workout class. It’s always fun, while exploring a new city, by taking a local fitness class allows you to see another side of town. I took Barrys Bootcamp in Miami Beach. The class was located on bay on Purdy Avenue with a whole health vibe filled with fresh juices and coffee shops. 
4. If you can’t find a workout class, power walk the beach and do some lunges, squats, high knees, and donkey kicks. I’ll do it spurts in between sun bathing to re-energize myself.
5. Load up on fruit and vegetables! I have been seeing on beach menus “Acai bowls”, yum! 
6. Order a salad for at least one of your meals throughout the day. A nutritious salad just keeps us on track of nutrients and easily fills us up for one meal. A personal Miami recommendation is; “ Kiki on the River”, I enjoyed an Arugula salad while sipping a  glass of rosé.

6. When selecting alcohol beverages stay away from fruity specialty cocktails, they usually are loaded with artificial sugary additives which cause bloating.

7. Choose between day drinking or night drinking. Drinking often causes us to make the wrong food choices. Doubling up on both lowers our tolerances for choosing healthy nutritious meals. Trust me, I have been there, 4 rosés deep and I am ordering fish fried tacos ;). Another way to approach drinking is to count your beverages. I usually aim in an entire day for only 3 glasses of rosé, followed by a glass of water for each. Remember, you are on vacation, be fabulous, feel sexy and lean. You don't have to get sloshed.

8. Last but not least, don’t beat yourself up if you had a little too much fun! Kick your butt when you get back home. Buy a new bikini as a reward to reaching your ultimate body goals.


I highly recommend checking out one of my fabs online swimwear stores, Veranera Swimwear, which has not only a vast amount of styles for every body type, but they fit amazing and the quality is superb!


xo Rachel