Rachel Donohue

My cleanse after a vacation

Rachel Donohue
My cleanse after a vacation

Oyyyy. 4 days in the sun, delicious gluten filled dinners and champagne. Even though I did a few runs and played tennis... it’s not the same as my perfected regime I have at home.  How do I get back on track? 


1. I sign up for 5 consecutive days of HIIT group fitness classes. Why ease into it? It’s a silly excuse, it’s all about discipline and consistency.


2. I practice hot yoga at least once in the week, and do a guided meditation after. Practicing yoga makes the connection of appreciation for oneself.  Futhermore it connects your soul that a healthy regime is good for you and not a punishment.


3. I drink 2 liters of water and drink tons of unsweetened iced green tea


4. I eat vegan, gluten free and organic; it cleanses me from all chemicals/toxins and most importantly nourishes me of nutrients that I was depleted during those champagne filled nights.


5. I avoid parties and dinner dates that affect my goals. Sometimes people don’t understand the priority of your body. Being in a slump of bad health habits, affects your cortisol levels which affect your mood. Until I am feeling  back on the ball, I give myself a few peaceful days.


6. Prep work for the week! I usually cook a whole bunch of vegetables and make sure I have a tons of left overs. No excuses for when I want a quick snack.

7. I always have nuts and almond butter in my home. It curbs my sweet tooth 😘

8. I make sure my home is clean. Having an organized home is an peaceful mind.

9.    I don’t let projects / emails linger.  I act on being productive as possible. Sometimes the mind seeks security of a challenging project by over eating or acting erratically. Take a few deep breathes and focus. 

10. Most importantly, I am patient and never beat myself up over enjoying the luxurious things in life.   #champagne #trufflepasta 😋


How do you babes cleanse after a vacation? And yes I go all out an eat everything on vacation 😋  


xo Rachel Donohue